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IoTrees 1.1, 2020
IoTrees 3.1, 2020

Aqua-Resin, Optium Museum Acrylic, Port Silt Loam, clay, pigment, acrylic, artist frame
8 13/16” x 13 3/8” x 2 1/6”

Intent of Trees 1.1 & 3.1 available through GGP

IoTrees 0, 2020
Aqua-Resin, pigment, fiberglass, maple float frame, custom finish
8 13/16” x 13 3/8” x 2 1/6”

Images of Intent of Trees 0–9 available upon request. Images can be found here


Under Construction Juce Bar, 2016, at Java Project, Brooklyn, NY 

Paradise, 2018, 80WSE, New York, NY

Construction Site Candle, 2016, Wintercheck Factory, Brooklyn, NY

Coconut Oil, 2016, at Good Work Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Sara Blazej


New York, NY

Assembly #1
Curated by Lindsey Larsen
500X Gallery
Dallas, TX
Jan 14–Feb 5, 2018

Under Construction Juice Bar
Solo Exhibition 
Java Project

Let's Walk
Philip Ashley, Todd Bienvenu, Ariel Dill, Alexander Heffesse, Andy Ralph
Mar 17 - Apr 23, 2016

Cuevas Tilleard

NYCxSkymall Curated by Kristen Wentrcek & Andrew Zebulon
Alexander Heffesse, Asa Pingree, BROTHER, CHIAOZZA, Craighton Berman, d’emploi, Doug Johnston, Dusen Dusen, EyeBodega, Gil Sunshine, Kin&Co., Lukas WinklerPrins, Naomi Clark, Nic Annette Miller, Nottene + Shrink Ray, POHAN/KACHADOURIAN, Sam Reese, Kristen Wentrcek / Andrew Zebulon, Wyatt Little, Wylie Conlon, YIELD
May 2016
Wintercheck Factory

Vital Enhancements
Curated by Sara Blazej
Alexander Heffesse, Aria MacManus & Raine Trainor, Signe Pierce, Ilana Savdie, Cecilia Salama, Allison Brainard, Emily Oliveira
June 25 – July 24, 2016

Good Work Gallery


May 21, 2018
Written by Zachary Small

Daily Serving
May 13, 2016
Written by


March 17, 2016

Written by Elena Martinique

July 30, 2015
Written by 


Publications / Collaborations

Le Corbusier: Personal [Amazon]
Object ArchivePublished by Flock, 2017 Softcover
(thank you, Rick Moody!)


False Flag
Published by Pacific, 2017

False Flag occupied a shuttered foundry that engaged in legitimate fabrication for many years, but made headlines in 2014 when former owner Brian Ramnarine was convicted in federal court of forgery on an audacious scale. The name False Flag comes from the forged Jasper Johns Flag sculpture at the center of the scandal that finally brought down the enterprise.

The publication includes a text outlining Ramnarine’s rise and fall in the art world, how False Flag acquired the space, and color photographs of exhibitions and performances by the artists from the gallery's first year of programming (2016–17) in Long Island City, New York.

Igor Gyalakuthy
Maiastra: A History of Romanian Sculpture
in Twenty-Four Parts
Published by Pacific, 2019


Măiastra: A History of Romanian Sculpture in Twenty-Four Parts by Igor Gyalakuthy is an experimental novel by artist Timothy Stanley. Presented as a series of scholarly articles on the history of Romanian art, the collection was written under the pseudonym Dr. Gyalakuthy. Gyalakuthy is a retired art historian from Romania, writing a final treatise on the plastic art of his homeland before time and the ravages of mental illness take him. Dr. Gyalakuthy sees Măiastra as an opportunity to shake off the rust of the cultural dark ages of Communism and to present the history of art in Romania as he understands it.


Breath Ascent Reveal, 2018
Asif Mian

NADA House

After Image, 2018
Emilie Gossiaux

False Flag

More Human, 2017
Asif Mian
False Flag

Holes, 2017
Andrew Ross
False Flag

Teaching Experience

New York University, 2017–2018
Professor, Digital Art I
New York, NY

Professional Experience

Big Window, 2020–present
Director, Co-Founder
New York, NY

False Flag, 2016–2020
Director, Co-Founder
New York, NY

Snarkitecture, 2011–2015
Lead Designer
New York, NY

Visiting Artist 

Nars Foundation, 2020
New York, NY

Residency Unlimited, 2019
New York, NY
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