Please join me in supporting the following: 


Form IV has compiled a wonderful list that remains currently updated:

SURJ NYC is open to all and holds monthly chapter meetings on the first Thursday of each month from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Here’s a link to their calendar: 

avoid tracking:

1. Authorities can intercept your SMS messages and track your location. This has become easier with COVID-19 contact tracing.

2. Keep your phone on airplane mode.  

3. Turn off ALL location services. 

4. Make sure your phone is encrypted. 

5. Do NOT use your face or thumbprint to unlock your phone. Police or other evils can forcefully grab your neck and/or wrist to unlock your phone. Use a password with 6 digits.

6. In your free time, check OSINT Framework for any incriminating evidence: https://osintframework.com/

There’s an endless number of organizations to support. Do your research and get involved. Here’s a few I support and follow closely: 


Homeless Black Trans Women Fundgofundme.com/f/homeless-black-trans-women-fun

Black Lives Matter

Lavender Rights Project

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

Southern Poverty Law Center

The Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (S.T.O.P.)https://www.stopspying.org/donate

Project Eats
Also, please consider the following:

1. Delete Facebook permanently.
2. Transition from Gmail to a secure, private email server. I prefer FastMail—it’s not free ($3/month) but your data will be protected with zero ads.

3. Use Signal as your primary texting source.

4. Use a safe internet browser. I use DuckDuckGo through Brave on both computer and smartphone. For further security, activate Tor private browsing. 

5. Purchase a VPN or use a VPN app. 

It’s very important that all humans protect their DATA. The following information adapted from @wireless_vibes text online privacyy:

Bluetooth, WIFI, and Location ServicesGet in the habit of turning this off when not in use. If left on, you will be tracked. Do not use free or public WIFI.  

Password ManagerMost browsers have this, but I prefer to use a third party app that works across all platforms seamlessly. I recommend Dashlane, it’s free up to 50 passwords. The app also has a password generator and I highly recommend using this feature for an endless supply of unique passwords. 

2-Factor Verification If possible, avoid using your phone number. We are often required to provide this information.

Authenticator apps (Google Authenticator, Duo, etc.) are best. Remove your phone number as an option for 2-factor when setting up an authentication app. 

Trusted Apps / Further Protection
If you use Brave, please disregard the following. If you intend to continue with Chrome, consider the following: 

Malwarebytes The free version of Malwarebytes blocks ads and spam texts. The paid version will also block spam calls. I use the basic version. 

Fyde Similar to Malwarebytes, the app scans connected WiFi network and alerts you of its safety. Fyde’s VPN solution checks on your device locally to keeps your information private. The app blocks phishing scams, fake networks, mining sites, advertisements, trackers, spyware, ransomeware, and malware. 

©Alexander Heffesse